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Generate reusable QR codes, track analytics and manage your QR campaigns all in one place. Features include:

  • Reusable, dynamic QR codes
  • Change the redirect without modifying QR image
  • Smart codes with built-in mobile device detection
  • Auto redirect to iOS or Android APP store based on mobile device
  • Custom QR code colors (background and foreground)
  • PNG, SVG and PDF downloads
  • Shortened redirect links
  • Complete scan tracking analytics
  • Simple. Intuitive. Powerful. Affordable


MOBAUTO is an advertising technology company offering a suite of online and offline products and services enabling businesses to engage their customers by SMS text, QR scan or NFC tap. Our approach optimizes and automates the customer experience while generating direct sales opportunities and leads for clients. Customers welcome the simplicity. Clients love the results.


What is a dynamic QR code?

What is it? How does it work?

How can I reuse my QR codes?

What is a shortened redirect link?

If I login through Google and then Facebook, would those logins/accounts be linked?

What should I do if my Google email address has changed?

Can multiple people use the same account?

Can I speak with someone about your SMS and/or NFC tap products?

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